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Formerly S&S Medical Products

S&S Medical Products — otherwise known as SSMedPro — was the creation of two career firefighter/paramedics. The company began operation in 2012 and is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. It arose from the friendship forged within their fire service careers; they wanted to advance the creativity and ingenuity of their own ideas and those of their fellow firefighters: from mere thoughts to new products and improvements to existing products to benefit their departments and communities. S&S Medical Products has secured several patents to date and received the 2013 EMS World Innovation and 2014 JEMS Hot Product awards.

Patents Granted and Patents Pending.

Why choose us

Key members of the BTI team are career firefighters and paramedics: Knowledge from first-hand experience is the secret to the success of BreakThrough Innovations.

Patent-pending and sole sourced innovations for improved patient and property owner outcomes, responder safety and operational efficiency.

Fellow first responders can bring their own ideas to fruition with full product life cycle management. Contact us to benefit from our commercialization experience, and together we can drive innovations needed to advance pre-hospital care.

Implement the Power of Invention

State-of-the-art innovations for global Fire, EMS and Tactical Medical markets.

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