Sweet™ Extrication Training System (S.E.T.S.)

Real-life training in a classroom setting

Traditional classroom extrication demonstrations using a chair or a junkyard automobile to simulate a motor vehicle accident are far from ideal for students tasked with learning life-saving techniques in a classroom setting.

The S.E.T.S., the Sweet Extrication Training System, enables instructors to create an endless number of extrication scenarios. Simply lay the device on its side or upside down to train using the real-life limitations of a compromised vehicle while the entire class observes the techniques being performed.


Product Description


Simulate patient removal and treatment from a motor vehicle accident.

Although roughly the size of an actual automobile interior, the device separates to easily fit through classroom doors. The sturdy steel design and Lexan covering are surprisingly easy to manipulate and transport.

Product Features

Unit details

  • Tilting/retracting steering wheel
  • Removable Lexan windows
  • Fully adjustable seats; adjustable foot pedals
  • Separates in half for transport
  • Tempered glass breakage simulator
  • Pry box simulator to practice extrication techniques
  • Seatbelt cutting simulator for repeated hands on experience
  • Center console
  • Full dash
  • Airbag
  • Patent-pending and trademarked


  • Completely assemble unit with 5 carriage bolts
  • Strength-rated steel and aluminum construction
  • One year limited warranty
  • Approximate dimensions
  • Fully assembled: 4’ H x 4’ W x 4’ D
  • Separated: 4’ H x 2’ W x 4’ D
  • Approximate weights
  • Fully assembled: 300 lbs.
  • Separated: 150 lbs.

Eligibility and discounts

  • Eligible for Firefighter Grant assistance
  • Eligible for Perkins Grant
  • Multiple unit order discounts